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Creative Juice is Flowing!

Last week I cleared my drawing table off and started painting again. It feels good to get some paint on canvas. I was doing a painting for a Christmas present and that sent me full on into a creative whirlwind. I’ve started two more small paintings. After i get these two done I think I’ll finish a few other paintings that I started last year. I have that is about half way finished. I figure that I have enough energy and canvas to last me for about a month or two. I should be able to complete at least four of five paintings.


Well after a few weeks of looking and hemming and hawing…Thank Goodness Christmas Shopping is Done. Now I can get started on doing some painting. Hummmmm. I still need to do laundry. Pfft…I evoke the procrastinator’s mantra always put off today what you can put off tomorrow. Well if there were a mantra I guess that one is as good enough.