Sketch Page 1/23/13

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Hand in my Head

I got a bit antsy when I got home from work today. So I decided to burn off some energy by doing a small painting. I really didn’t want to think about my subject so… I pulled out a small sketchbook from 2009 and choose an image from there, and got to work. I keep it black-and-white because I didn’t want to mess with color. Overall I’m very pleased with the outcome. I just wish I decided to do it in acrylics instead of tempera paints. I think I have a small frame that it can go in somewhere around the house. Enjoy.

Hand in my Head.

Hand in my Head.


For almost 2 weeks I’ve been under the weather. Haven’t been able to concentrate enough to do any kind of drawing or sketching. So I’ve been watching a lot of TV maybe too much. What else can you do when you don’t feel well? Build Lego Tie fighters? (yeah I did that too). It hasn’t helped much when everybody around me has been getting ill also. Everywhere I go, there is someone hacking up a lung, honking their noses, or just suffering in silence with sinus headaches. This flu season is terrible. Luckily I’ve been able to stay relatively well. At the 9 to 5 we had tons of call ins. Even though I haven’t felt hundred percent, I’ve been able to get to work and do my job reasonably well.

I decided just to post some older sketches. These are from a small moleskin sketchbook which I love. The paper was set cream-colored and very smooth. It was great to sketch and pencil and even marker. I should go find some more sketchbooks like this one. I don’t even remember where I got it. I probably picked it up at Barnes & Noble. So I present to you if you sketches done by me circa 2009-10.bootie Dontloseyohead StoneDragon