Sick Yes, Productive Yes!

Well, it’s been another leak under the weather for me. This is the third time in the last few months that I’ve had to fight for my health. It started out as a sinus infection and quickly got worse from there. I went to the doctor’s office and was able to get some drugs in me, and am finally feeling better. So, all I can say about being sick is that it sucks! Between my head pounding in my nose running and I haven’t been able to concentrate enough to much, even watch TV. I had to miss a few days from work. Didn’t want to infect the entire office ya know! Yeah, not the entire office.

Even though of the down in the dumps, I have been able to stay somewhat productive. I  bolstered up my Twitter followings to over 200 (from a pitiful 100). I had only been messing around with Twitter not paying much attention to it. Then I got the bright idea (though not original idea but bright) to expand my following.  My whole goal for attracting so many Twitter followers is to publicize and hopefully I’ll be able to sell some of my artwork. I put a little effort into gaining followers and wallah now I’m up to 200 in a few days! But that was not the end of my sick time endeavors! A few weeks back I was introduced to a website specializing in helping individuals sell their handmade or vintage goods. I’m sure most of you are aware of I guess I’m just a late bloomer when it comes to Internet selling and buying. I finally opened up an Esty account this week.  Now, I just have to get some artwork on there to sell. I’ll publish the storefront as soon as I have some stuff on it to sell.

With the new Etsy website I’ve been thinking about revisiting old project of mine, where I painted to little faces on rocks. They sold fairly well on eBay last time I listed them. I was able to sell some sketches too but mostly at a loss. I really don’t care about the money I was just jazzed that someone was interested in my art enough to pay a few bucks for it! I guess I’m doing all of this so I can validate or feel like my artwork is good enough for people to enjoy. Most of my work I do for myself I don’t even think about an audience. I just paint or draw what’s on/in my mind. Some of the images to come up with seem to be a little disturbing to some people. But, I figure with a wide enough audience it’s possible that I can find my niche. Hopefully someone will like my artwork decide they’d like to have it on a wall somewhere.  That’s the reason why I have been publishing a lot of my artwork online and trying to get a large number of followers on Twitter. I’m widening my audience, making a little blip on their radar going through the numbers and finding those people who would enjoy something that I created. Well that’s the theory anyways…

kinda productive for being under the weather huh?

ta for now -PJ70


Hand in my Head

I got a bit antsy when I got home from work today. So I decided to burn off some energy by doing a small painting. I really didn’t want to think about my subject so… I pulled out a small sketchbook from 2009 and choose an image from there, and got to work. I keep it black-and-white because I didn’t want to mess with color. Overall I’m very pleased with the outcome. I just wish I decided to do it in acrylics instead of tempera paints. I think I have a small frame that it can go in somewhere around the house. Enjoy.

Hand in my Head.

Hand in my Head.


For almost 2 weeks I’ve been under the weather. Haven’t been able to concentrate enough to do any kind of drawing or sketching. So I’ve been watching a lot of TV maybe too much. What else can you do when you don’t feel well? Build Lego Tie fighters? (yeah I did that too). It hasn’t helped much when everybody around me has been getting ill also. Everywhere I go, there is someone hacking up a lung, honking their noses, or just suffering in silence with sinus headaches. This flu season is terrible. Luckily I’ve been able to stay relatively well. At the 9 to 5 we had tons of call ins. Even though I haven’t felt hundred percent, I’ve been able to get to work and do my job reasonably well.

I decided just to post some older sketches. These are from a small moleskin sketchbook which I love. The paper was set cream-colored and very smooth. It was great to sketch and pencil and even marker. I should go find some more sketchbooks like this one. I don’t even remember where I got it. I probably picked it up at Barnes & Noble. So I present to you if you sketches done by me circa 2009-10.bootie Dontloseyohead StoneDragon

Creative Juice is Flowing!

Last week I cleared my drawing table off and started painting again. It feels good to get some paint on canvas. I was doing a painting for a Christmas present and that sent me full on into a creative whirlwind. I’ve started two more small paintings. After i get these two done I think I’ll finish a few other paintings that I started last year. I have that is about half way finished. I figure that I have enough energy and canvas to last me for about a month or two. I should be able to complete at least four of five paintings.